The Columbia School District Board of Education, teachers, administrators, staff, students and community members have been collaborating over the course of the past year to create a new strategic plan to facilitate movement towards an increased level of excellence.  As a baseline, our mission ensures that the Columbia School District will provide a high quality education and a variety of opportunities to empower students to achieve success.  

The 2023 - 2028 strategic plan identified areas of importance to continue moving us towards increased success.  We are in the initial phase of our journey, and we look forward to continuing to  work in partnership with all sectors of our community to implement our goals. The strategic goals will pave the way for the Columbia School District to achieve our vision, mission and beliefs.  

  • The Columbia School District will improve positive relations within the community by providing accurate, timely and transparent information.

  • Columbia School District will maintain and improve facilities that enhance learning opportunities for students and build relationships with the community.

  • Columbia School District will update curriculum to increase student achievement and provide opportunities to build life skills.

  • Columbia School District will create a culture that welcomes student, teacher and community engagement to provide a nurturing and safe environment.

  • Columbia School District will make staffing decisions that ensure appropriate levels of support based on student and staff needs.

As we continue to move forward with our implementation of the strategic plan we look towards an improved academic environment for our students.  The Columbia School District strategic planning process will bring increased clarity, confidence, and productivity to our educational environment.  Our focus is to bring a greater alignment and deeper understanding of common educational priorities.  As we collaborate, we look forward to continuing to pave the way to excellence and success.