Columbia School District Transportation Department                    

Dear Parents and Guardians:

The drop off time for route/bus 14 will be changed, effective Monday 10/11/21.  The new bus route is:

Leave elementary 3:05 to Cement City Rd. North on Cary Rd at 3:15. West on White Rd.  Cross Hwy 127 at 3:20.  North to Liberty Rd at 3:25. South on Sutfin Rd at 3:30. Patch Rd to Liberty Rd going east.  North on Gillette at 3:35. Left on Jefferson, turn around at Lindsey Rd at 3:45.  Head north to McDevitt Rd for group stop at 3:55

Chris Lundberg

Director of Transportation

Columbia School District


If you or someone you know is looking for extra income, please call us at 517-592-6449.  A bus route averages 2 hours, pays $36.82 per route.  You may transport your school-aged children with you, eliminating the need for child care.  Also, you may have opportunities to drive your children to sports and field trips.  We provide all training, including helping you obtain your CDL.  Extra work is available throughout the school year and during summer.  This is an excellent opportunity for parents and retirees.  I hope to hear from you!