Mrs. Adams

Columbia School District has fabulous teachers who have collaborated with each other and focused on positive improvements as the world around us changed.  Columbia teachers learned to teach on new educational platforms and worked to help their students fulfill their academic potential.  At Columbia Options High School, our students had the opportunity to learn History and English Language Arts from one of our teacher Heroes, Mrs. Adams. 

As a Columbia teacher, she has put her heart and soul into reaching out to her students in new and different ways.  Melissa has embraced the opportunity to use the virtual platform to assist her students, and support them to attain academic success.  She has a great rapport with her in person students and uses her creativity and ingenuity, which has allowed her students to continue to learn and grow to their maximum potential.

Mrs. Adams was nominated as a Columbia Hero by Cody Wilcher.  He nominated Mrs. Adams via email and said, “I would like to nominate Melissa Adams as our building’s hero.  She has pursued students that have left the building and encouraged them to come back to finish their education.  When Mrs. Adams learned that she had been nominated as a Columbia Hero, she said, “This is so exciting!  Thank you so much!”

Cody continued writing about his teacher Mrs. Adams by saying she always greets you with a smile on her face and a fierce firm attitude of “You can Do It!”  He mentioned that she always gives her students the feeling that whether you believe in yourself; she believes in you!  He said that Mrs. Adams is a teacher who makes it clear to her students that they have to get their school work done, or else! He added, “LOL!”  Cody said that Melissa talks about how it is important that her students become successful members of our society.  Cody mentioned that Mrs. Adams is always working to help her students be successful especially during this trying time.

Melissa said, “I love working with my students because they inspire me to become a better person and educator.  Every day they make me want to learn more and do more with them. I love to see their successes. I know that I am where I belong. These students hold my heart.”  “If a student knows they are safe, they are free to learn and bloom,” said Melissa Adams as she was discussing her love for teaching at Columbia Options High School.  Melissa cares a lot for her students and continued by saying, “Each student deserves to know they are special.”  Her focus is to “build students up from the inside out.”  She commented that she tries “to build a relationship based on respect and trust.”  She mentioned that, “A student who is cared for can develop not only the skills required to be an excellent student, but learn those that will build a fulfilling life.”

Melissa talked about her love of teaching and said, “I love to educate the whole child. I love to see them trust themselves.”  As she continued, she said, “I look forward to seeing my students gain the confidence to explore learning. When they learn to unpack information they are given and build their own questions and discoveries, I have done my job.”  As a teacher in Columbia, Mrs. Adams feels that, “In today's world students need to have more than a basic education. I am proud to work in a district where caring staff helps develop today's youth into a strong generation of strong self-reliant adults.”

This summer Mrs. Adams will be teaching summer school and credit recovery for ninth through 12th graders from Columbia and across the Jackson area.  If you want to learn more about our credit recovery program, call 5175299400.  If you are interested in learning more about Columbia School District and our programs, email me at or call 5175926641.