Kelly Rentschler

Columbia School District teachers are Heroes!  Over the past year our teachers have made tremendous strides in learning new innovative distance learning platforms and stretched their skills to increase their effectiveness in a digital environment.  Mrs. Rentschler has had the opportunity to teach our kindergarten through second grade virtual students.  She has retooled her teaching strategies and worked to help her students fulfill their academic potential.  Because of her dynamic teaching strategies and academic activities, Mrs. Rentschler was nominated as a Columbia Hero!

As a Columbia teacher, Kelly Rentschler has put her heart and soul into reaching out to her students in new and different ways.  She has embraced the opportunity to use the virtual platform to assist her students, and support them to attain academic success.  Her creativity and ingenuity has allowed our Columbia Elementary virtual pupils to continue to learn and grow to their maximum potential.

Denise Coolbaugh nominated Mrs. Rentschler as a Columbia Hero.  She wrote about how Mrs. Rentschler has had a tremendous impact on the children in her classroom.  Denise mentioned that, “Kelly has went over above and beyond with our virtual learners making sure each and every one of them receive time.”   Kelly is a passionate teacher who loves going on a learning adventure with her students.  Mrs. Coolbaugh continued commenting on why Mrs. Rentschler is a Hero by saying, “This has been trying times for all of us, yet she is still there and responsive to not only her students but all of us parents too from 3 different grade levels.  I could not even imagine the amount of time she puts in way beyond school hours to make sure these children are staying successful.  Kudos to Mrs. Kelly Rentschler!”

When Mrs. Rentschler heard she had been nominated as a Columbia Hero she said, “I am very excited and honored to have been nominated as a CSD Hero!  I love building meaningful relationships with each child as we build our own little family together.  I love seeing each child happy and excited for school and to learn something new.”  Kelly continued by saying, “Their face when they "get it" is the best thing in the world!  I am also glad to have come full circle and be back where I started, as an Eagle!” If you are interested in learning more about Columbia School District and want to be a Golden Eagle, call me at 5175926641 or email me at .