Nate Williams: Columbia Hero!

This past year has brought about innumerable changes.  Columbia School District teachers have worked collaboratively to develop innovative programs, learned to teach on new educational platforms and worked to help their students fulfill their academic potential.  Some of our teachers retooled their skills to work with our virtual learners.  One of our virtual teachers, Mr. Williams, was nominated as a Columbia Hero!

As a Columbia teacher, he has put his heart and soul into reaching out to his students in new and different ways.  He has embraced the opportunity to use the virtual platform to assist his students, and support them to attain academic success.  His creativity and ingenuity has allowed our Columbia Upper Elementary virtual pupils to continue to learn and grow to their maximum potential.

Mr. Williams was nominated as a Columbia Hero by the Schoeff’s.  They nominated Mr. Williams via email and said, “Being a virtual teacher certainly has more challenges than normal, but Mr. Williams is always ready with a smile, joke, or fun way to interact with the students on their zoom meetings.”  When Mr. Williams heard that he had been nominated as a Columbia Hero, he said, “Awesome, thank you so much!”

Mr. Williams continued by commenting, “I love working at Columbia with our staff and students because it feels like family.  I love seeing the smiles on students’ faces when a difficult problem finally makes sense.  I love the curiosity and wonder that each student brings to class.  I love the excitement in a child when I relate to something they are passionate about.”

Mr. Williams talked about the relationships he has been able to build with his virtual students.  He has been impressed with the tenacity and work ethic of many of his students.  As he talked about his students, he mentioned, “Most importantly, I love that when a student is in my class that they can feel safe and supported in a world that has so much uncertainty in it right now. Even though every day is a new challenge, the students always bring a smile to my face.”

Wrapping up their email to nominate Mr. Williams as a Columbia Hero, Kelly, Olivia & Sophia Schoeff said that, “He definitely makes it fun for us! Thank you Mr. Williams for being our ‘superhero’ of virtual school:-)”  If you see Mr. Williams, tell him congratulations and “Thank You!’ for all he does for our students at Columbia Upper Elementary!  If you are interested in learning more about Columbia School District, call me at 5175926641 or email me at .