Resource teacher at CCHS: Ms. Kimble

Innumerable changes have happened this year for Columbia teachers and staff members.  Our teachers have worked together to create new ingenious programs, learned to teach on new educational platforms and through collaboration with their peers, have benefited their students.  Our Columbia Heroes have put their heart and soul into reaching out to their students in new and different ways.  The creativity and ingenuity exhibited by these special teachers have allowed our Columbia pupils to continue to learn and grow.

One of the nominated Heroes is Columbia Central Senior High School resource room teacher, Lauren Kimble.  Ms. Kimble was nominated as a Columbia Hero by Karen Catallo.  Ms. Catallo wrote that, “Lauren has been a rock for us during this school year.”  Ms. Kimble has worked diligently with her students to ensure that they have academic support and the best opportunity to succeed in their classes.  In addition to supporting the students, Ms. Kimble co-teaches and provides support for other teachers to benefit their pupils.

Ms. Catallo continued by saying, “No matter what we need she has been there for us at all times, she maintains a positive attitude and her patience is amazing.”  Ms. Kimble not only works with her students and their families, but she assists in positive activities for all students through the Student Senate.  She works with other teachers and sponsors dances for high school pupils, Homecoming activities and special events for Columbia students.  Additionally, she focuses on improving the educational environment for students by being a class advisor.

When talking about Ms. Kimble, Ms. Catallo wrote, “I have leaned on her a lot and as a very frustrated parent, she has shown me nothing but support and compassion, never making us feel like a burden.  Columbia is very lucky to have her on their team.  She is our hero!!!”

When notified that she was nominated as a Columbia Hero, Ms. Kimble said, “Thank you so much for the nomination!”  She continued by saying, “Each year brings a new group of students and challenges.  I enjoy working with my students and getting to know them personally.  Helping them find ways to be successful and grow as individuals is the most rewarding thing of teaching.”  Ms. Kimble’s positive attitude and spirit of encouragement benefits her students and those around her each and every day. 

Congratulations to Columbia Central High School Hero Lauren Kimble!  Her determination to make a difference in the lives of our students and give them an opportunity to grow and mature, has made a positive impact on hundreds of children.  If you see Ms. Kimble, please tell her “Thank You” for all she does each and every day for our students!  If you are interested in learning more about Columbia School District, please contact me at 5175926641 or email .