Ms. Weidenbach and a student

Columbia School District has fabulous teachers.  During this critical time, our teachers have stepped up their focus, developed new programs and worked to help their students fulfill their academic potential.  Earlier this winter, I asked community members, parents, teachers, staff members and students to nominate one of our teachers or staff members as a Columbia Hero! These Columbia Heroes have put their heart and soul into reaching out to their students in new and different ways.  The creativity and ingenuity exhibited by these special teachers have allowed our Columbia pupils to continue to learn and grow.

Nicole Knapp nominated Ms. Weidenbach as a Columbia Hero!  Ms. Weidenbach is a third grade teacher at Columbia Upper Elementary.  Nicole wrote that she, “would like to thank and recognize Ms. Weidenbach. My son is in her class and during this challenging and unpredictable year she has continued to put the students’ needs first.”  Mrs. Weidenbach is energetic and cares about all of her students.  She focuses on teaching the whole child.  One of the fun activities in her classroom is Brain Breaks.  During this time her students have an opportunity to get up and exercise a bit and get reenergized!  This activity helps students refocus and improve on their academic achievement.

Ms. Weidenbach goes above and beyond as she works with her students.  She always has a bright smile and shows that she truly enjoys working with her students.  Ms. Knapp mentioned that, “Her demeanor towards the students is great and her communication with the parents is wonderful. It is very obvious through her actions and teaching that she truly enjoys being a teacher and making a difference in the students’ lives.”

When hearing that she was nominated for the Columbia Hero Award, Ms. Weidenbach said, “I love working at Columbia because of all of the extraordinary teachers I get to work with. These teachers are kind, supportive and helpful; their mentorship has allowed me to become a better teacher each and every year.” Ms. Weidenbach continued by saying, “I love working at Columbia because of our families. Our Columbia families treat teachers with respect and caring. They work together with our staff for the success of our students.”

Ms. Weidenbach believes that her students very caring.  Her attitude is one of positivity and a belief that all children can succeed in school and in life. She mentioned that, “Most of all I love working at Columbia School District because of the kids. These kids are the best around! They are smart, kind, and creative. They are welcoming and inclusive. The kids here make school feel like family.”

Congratulations to our Columbia School District Hero Lisa Weidenbach!  Her determination to make a difference in the lives of our students and give them an opportunity to grow and mature, has made a positive impact on hundreds of children.  If you see Ms. Weidenbach, please tell her “Thank You” for all she does each and every day for our students!  If you are interested in learning more about Columbia School District, please contact me at 5175926641 or email .