Mrs. Thacher

Mrs. Thatcher is a teacher at Columbia Upper Elementary.  Her positive and energetic personality invigorates her students.  She says, “I love the energy that my students bring to the classroom. We always manage to make a lesson become engaging and adaptable to other concepts.”  Mrs. Thatcher is a Columbia Hero!  She was nominated by a parent of one of her students.  The parents commented, “I would like to recognize Jackie Thatcher. She is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever met. She strives for positive relationships with her class.”

Throughout this critical year, Mrs. Thatcher has worked alongside her peers to innovate and create educational opportunities for her students.  When talking about teaching during this time, she said, “I enjoy having the opportunity to work with students of all backgrounds and find ways to continually update my teacher "tool bag" with new ideas.”  Although it has been challenging to have her students online due to the virus at times this year, she mentioned, “I enjoy finding new ways to celebrate overcoming challenges, such as taking the class sledding after missing our Christmas party due to virtual learning.”

When nominating Mrs. Thacher for recognition as a Columbia Hero, the parent wrote, “I’ve never met someone so dedicated and so authentic. During our time remote, she delivered books and resources to each of her students’ homes. This is a small indicator of how passionate she is for the children in her classroom. She is the kindling that really ignited the fire of learning for our son. She is a true hero in education, and we are so blessed that we have the amazing ability to have her in our life.”

Mrs. Thacher is delighted to have her students in the classroom so they can learn Face to Face!  She is passionate about literacy and wants to have her students develop a love for reading.  She believes reading is not just for elementary students, but that developing a life-long love for reading is important for her pupils.  She commented that, “It is a joy to have students become excited about new books being added to our classroom and providing the opportunity for the students to select books they want in their classroom library from book catalogs.”

The Columbia School District is fortunate to have excellent teachers who have achieved Hero status during this critical time in our community.  Mrs. Thacher has touched the lives of her students and their families due to her caring demeanor and positive impact.  She said that she loves the fact that “we are truly a classroom family. We work on supporting one another and helping each other accomplish everyday tasks and goals.”  Thank you Mrs. Thacher for your passion for educating Columbia students!  If you are interested in learning more about Columbia School District, please email me at or call 5175926641.