Columbia Hero: Mr. Clanton!

When we download apps they ask all about us.  The app developers want to know all of our personal information: Our location, our address, and various other bits of information.  In Columbia, unlike app developers, our teachers know all about our students.  Our teachers pay special attention to their pupils and focus the educational activities to help promote successful academic development.

Our teachers have given extra attention to their students over the past year.  They have developed special digitized interactive websites to help their students feel comfortable in the new learning platform.  In addition, Columbia School District teachers returned to school last fall to make sure that their student had every opportunity to learn in the most positive environment possible.

Columbia Elementary teachers Mr. Clanton was nominated as a Columbia Hero by Dalana Trumble and her son Dalton.  They said that Mr. Clanton, who teaches second grade, used inventive and creative activities to help motivate his students.  One activity he used was a class auction.  Mr. Clanton would give students “Clanton Dollars.”  The students earned the Clanton dollars for each page in the books that they read. 

Ms. Trumble, went on to say, “That Mr. Clanton is a great communicator to students and parents, and conveys a passion for truly connecting with his students.”  She commented that, “He made Dalton feel like an All Star.”  When Mr. Clanton was notified that he had been nominated as a Columbia Hero, he said that “CES is my home away from home.  I love building relationships with my students.  Teaching them that life has so much to offer.  I love our classroom environment where we truly are a family, helping them to realize their potential.” 

Ms. Trumble noted that it was easy to tell that Mr. Clanton cared for his students.  She commented, “By far, Mr. Clanton has been Dalton’s favorite teacher. And even though the school year was cut short last year from COVID, the Trumble family appreciates the time that Mr. Clanton was Dalton’s teacher.”  When talking about his students actively learning in his classroom, Mr. Clanton said, “I love to see their faces light up with amazement as they learn something new or they have finally ‘gotten it’ after persevering for days, weeks, or even months on something.   I love being able to teach them what it takes to be their best day in and day out and to truly be an ‘all-star.’”  If you are interested in learning more about our Columbia Heroes and the great programs at Columbia, email me at or call 5175926641.