11775 Hewitt Rd

Brooklyn, Michigan 49230


Lori McRae, Transportation Director

Ken Hanson, Building Operations Director


  • Columbia School District provides transportation for our students that live more than 1.5 miles from the school building for JR/SR High Students

    and 1 mile for elementary school students. 

    If a student lives within the 1 mile or 1 1/2 mile radius, then they are considered to be walkers. 

  • Please have students waiting at the designated stop when the bus arrives. Drivers are not expected to stop or wait for students not at their designated stop.

  • Please allow a five-minute window both ways of scheduled arrival time at each bus stop.

  • Please have your students dress for the weather conditions

  • Parents are expected to know bus rules for safety and behavior and support the school in enforcement procedures.

  • Even though a student has had their bus riding privileges suspended, this does not mean the student has been suspended from school. The parent's responsibility is to provide transportation for their students to and from the school they attend.

  • Parents must accept responsibility for student's behavior at the bus stop before the arrival of the bus or after delivery. When many small children congregate at a stop, parents are expected to share the responsibility of supervision alternatively.

  • For safety reasons, eating is not permitted on the buses.

  • At no time is it appropriate for a parent/adult to enter the bus to engage with students. Any concerns should be taken directly to the Transportation Director.