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College Planning Consent Form

Jackson $aves Enrollment Form

The following phone numbers will help you contact the appropriate individuals:

  • Derek Jackson - Columbia Elementary (PreK-2) Principal 592-6632

  • Phil Timmerman - Columbia Upper Elementary (3-6) Principal 592-2181

  • Christi O'Neil - Columbia Central Jr-Sr High School (7-12) Principal  592-6634

  • Lisa Klink - Columbia Options High School/Adult Ed Principal 529-9400

Great Start Flyer


Thank you for your interest in Columbia School District. We pride ourselves on being parent and student-centered. Please contact our district or individual schools if you have any questions.

Enrollment Process

STEP #1:

A visit or phone call to the grade-appropriate school building initiates the process for enrollment in the Columbia School District.

The Columbia School District is a participant in the Schools of Choice program. Non-resident students will be admitted if the proper paperwork and timelines are met. Registration forms and further details can be obtained at the District Administration Office or the attending building. Admittance under this program will be based on enrollment figures at the particular grade level(s) you are applying to.

School Assignment

The Columbia School District has two elementary schools, one junior-senior high school, an alternative high school, preschool programs, and adult education (GED completion).

STEP #2: At the School

Registration is completed at the assigned school. It is essential that you bring the following information to the building to complete the registration process:

  1. Original stamped-certified Birth Certificate

  2. Immunization records

  3. 3 proofs of residency

Early Registration for Kindergarteners
We encourage parents to pre-register their prospective kindergarteners each spring for the coming year. This helps us to plan our school staff needs and provides parents with important information to prepare for that crucial first year of school. Watch the website for Kindergarten Open House dates in March or April. Call the district administration office or the elementary school for more details. (Requirements to register include proof of hearing and vision testing and dental assessment.)

School of Choice - Application For Participation
Columbia School of Choice Statement

Application Period: 12-25-23 thru 1-8-24, 4-3-24 thru 8-23-24

School of Choice Application

Schools of Choice for Out of County Students Section 105c

This is a notice to the general public that Columbia School District accepts applications under Section 105 and/or 105c Schools of Choice regarding enrollment of nonresident students.

What is Schools of Choice?
Schools of Choice is an opportunity for out-of-district students to attend Columbia School District.

When is the best time to apply for Schools of Choice?
The best time to apply for Schools of Choice is before the start of the new school year. Parents have applied for Schools of Choice as early as April before the start of the next school year. Columbia School District will accept applications during the application periods referenced above.

Do I need permission from my home district to apply for School of Choice?
Schools of Choice applications completed and turned in before the first Friday of the first week of school will not need the resident district’s permission. Applications made after the first Friday of the first week of school will need a release from their home district. Columbia School District will complete the resident district release form and apply it to your home district on your behalf.

Do we have to apply for Schools of Choice each year?
Once accepted as Schools of Choice students, those students are guaranteed a place in our schools through high school graduation.

Do you provide transportation for out-of-district students?
Schools of Choice students are provided the opportunity to use the Columbia School District transportation system, free of charge, to and from any established Columbia School District bus stop.

We are confident that you would love to have your child enroll to become a student in Columbia School District, where all kids are given a host of activities from which to choose and all students are given the opportunities to succeed!

Please call the superintendent’s office at (517) 592-6641, regarding any questions and/or for more information.