Virtual Academy

Columbia Virtual Academy

We understand that today’s students learn best in different ways, which is why we created the Columbia Virtual Academy (CVA) for students in grades Kindergarten - 12. Entering into its 10th year of existence, Columbia’s Virtual Academy is the largest and most successful program of its kind in Jackson County. CVA students have the flexibility to learn at any time and at any place while taking 100% of their courses online. Daily one-on-one tutoring at CCE is available for students needing assistance. CVA is ideal for homeschoolers or any student opting for a Michigan Merit Core education in a non-traditional learning environment.

Columbia Virtual Academy is a robust, online educational program for kindergarten through 12th grade.  Caring and dedicated teachers work with children to ensure superior academic success.  Columbia Virtual Academy is perfect for students who are home-bound, homeschooled, or in need of credit recovery.  Our kind and thoughtful Virtual Academy staff can open the door to greater educational success! 

Columbia School District is offering K12 face-to-face and virtual learning! The caring teachers at Columbia make a difference for all students. Columbia teachers nurture and educate your child for a successful future, by focusing on learning and relationships, whether in person or online.  Our passionate teachers are dedicated top-notch educators and genuinely care about students.  Columbia School District leading the way in Jackson County, from preschool and Early 5’s through high school and adult education; Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow.  Visit us at