Hero Teacher Jessica White

Columbia School District has fabulous teachers.  During this critical time, our teachers have stepped up their focus, developed new programs and worked to help their students fulfill their academic potential.  Beginning last March, Columbia teachers revised their curriculum to give our students a chance to learn whether they were in person, working Face to Face or completing their curriculum in a distance learning or virtual way.

During this winter semester, I asked community members, parents, teachers, staff members and students to nominate one of our teachers or staff members as a Columbia Hero! These Columbia Heroes have put their heart and soul into reaching out to their students in new and different ways.  The creativity and ingenuity exhibited by these special teachers have allowed our Columbia pupils to continue to learn and grow.

One of the nominated Heroes is Columbia Central Junior High School resource room teacher, Jessica White.  Miss White has been teaching at Columbia for several years.  She was nominated as a Hero by one of her former students, Joe Haeussler.  Joe wrote that he has known Miss White since his fifth grade year.  He continued by saying that she was instrumental in assisting him with his struggles when he returned to school after being struck by a car. 

Joe said that she is a Hero because “she goes above and beyond.”  He mentioned that she deserves this award because she is the teacher who has shown the highest level of care and that he could always count on Miss White.  He said, “She is honestly the greatest and I think she is more than deserving of this award.”

When hearing that she was nominated for the Columbia Hero Award, Miss White talked about the fact that she loves teaching at Columbia Central Junior High School.  She said that the students “make coming to school fun and they make work interesting.”  As a Columbia Hero, Miss White believes that her students are very caring.  Her attitude is one of positivity and a belief that all children can succeed in school and in life.

Congratulations to our Columbia School District Hero Jessica White!  Her determination to make a difference in the lives of our students and give them an opportunity to grow and mature, has made a positive impact on hundreds of children.  If you see Miss White, please tell her “Thank You” for all she does each and every day for our students!  If you are interested in learning more about Columbia School District, please contact me at 5175926641 or email Pamela.Campbell@myeagles.org .