Veterans' Day Celebration

Thank you Veterans, we are forever indebted to you for your service to your Country.  Thank you to all of the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, and to all our veterans who have worn the uniform of this great nation.

From the hour of our nation’s birth, our best and bravest have stepped forward to defend our freedom. The unbroken cord of their service stretches back into the mists of American history. Nearly 50 million men and women have donned the uniform of the United States, and nearly 20 million still walk among us today.  Even today, a new generation of American veterans is being forged across the world as they protect our freedom.

It’s humbling to think of our community of heroes from the Second World War, Korea, Vietnam, and more recently, from Iraq and Afghanistan, and many more who’ve watch in times of peace.  Our nation owes a debt to our veterans, and it’s a debt we can never fully repay.  On this Veterans Day 2020, we rededicate ourselves to accomplishing just that.  Thank you again for your service to our country and protecting our Freedom!

God bless our veterans and God bless America.

Please enjoy our virtual Veterans' Day 2020 Celebration!