Eagle Ticket Winners

Congratulations to our Eagle Ticket Winners!

Kindergarten:  Piper (Mrs. Howland), Eliza (Mrs. Elliott), Helene (Mrs. Jenness), Reid (Mrs. Aguilera), Landon (Mrs. Rentschler), and Lena (not pictured) (Mrs. Pound).

First Grade:  Cooper (Mrs. Hawkins), Colton (Mrs. Szcodronski), Maddison (Mrs. Laverty), Chance (Mrs. Thacher), and Evangeline (not pictured) (Mrs. Wisneski).

Second Grade:  Jayce (Ms. Taylor), Liliana (Mrs. Sexton), Madelyn (Mr. Clanton), Abel (Ms. Hogle), Kirra (Mrs. Lape).

Thank you Little Eagles for working hard and being kind!