College for All!

The Jackson County Early College program is designed to help students find their way into post-secondary education working towards a certification, credential, skill set, or Associates degree, with intentional partnerships to guarantee transfer-ability of credits to four year  universities. This program will be available to Columbia Central High School students or Options High School students, including the Class of 2018, if they choose to opt in for a 13th year beginning in the fall of 2018.

Our program is designed as a Universal Entry/ Universal Exit model whereby students may begin their college education as early as their  freshman year and continue through their 13th year to a maximum of 60 credits. Universal Entry means that students entering the program will begin working towards a specific goal as early as their freshman year under the guidance of counselors and our Program Director. Many classes will be at the campus of Jackson College. The concept of Universal Exit  allows students the  flexibility to leave the program at any time up to or before the end of their 13th year. The Universal Entry/ Universal Exit model will allow Columbia to meet the needs of our students.

Students may take just a few courses or continue taking college classes through the end of their 12th or 13th year, and may earn an associates degree.  We truly believe that we are building  something special that will transform education in Jackson County.  For more information contact the high school office at 592-6634 or online at