Testing Reminders

October 26, 2020

Good Evening,

As a reminder, on Tuesday, our 9th grade students will take the PSAT and 12th grade will take the SAT.  Testing sessions begin at 8AM and should conclude between 11:30 AM-12:30 PM.  A regular scheduled school day will immediately follow.  Learning at Home students may plan to arrive at 8 AM with testing beginning at 8:15 AM.  Once the assessment process is complete, they may leave the building.

12th grade students who attend the Jackson Area Career Center will be excused and will not attend on Tuesday due to testing.

Please review these important testing reminders:

  • Students should arrive on time to school, be sure to get a good night's sleep prior to test day, and eat a nutritious breakfast on the morning of the test.  Students may pick up a free breakfast at school.

  • Students may bring a bottle of water to leave outside of the testing area to access during breaks.  We will supply all students with a snack for testing.

  • Students need to bring an APPROVED calculator with them for the testing process. They are permitted to bring an APPROVED backup calculator and/or extra batteries. They MAY NOT share calculators with any other student. The school does have calculators for use if needed.

  • Students MAY NOT have ANY type of electronic device during testing. This includes any type of fitness watch, smart watch, or recording/communication device. Students MUST leave these devices at home or place them in their lockers for the entire testing process. Devices WILL NOT be permitted for use during breaks.

  • The school will supply No. 2 pencils for every student. Students are only permitted to bring the following item with them to their testing room:


9th and 12th grade students will remain at home on Wednesday and Thursday and will participate in virtual learning.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Have a great night!


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