We begin the 7th-grade M-Step Reading assessment on Tuesday.  The 8th grade will take their Science and Social Studies M-Step assessment on Thursday.  Please carefully review the schedule and the information below.

Testing Calendar

April 18 and 19

M-Step Reading

7th grade 

April 20

M-Step Science and Social Studies

8th grade

April 26 and 27

M-Step Math

7th grade

What to do on test day-

  • Students should plan to arrive at school no later than 7:45 AM.  Testing begins promptly at 8 AM.

  • Students will be provided a complimentary light breakfast and a snack for test day.  Students should plan to bring a bottle of water.

  • After students complete their assessments, we will continue with a regularly scheduled school day. 

Tips for all students testing-

  • Students should arrive on time to school and be sure to get a good night's sleep prior to testing day.

  • Students may not have any type of electronic device during testing.  This includes any type of fitness watch, smartwatch, or recording/communication device.  Students must leave these devices at home or place them in their lockers for the entire testing process.  Devices will not be permitted for use during breaks.   

  • The school will provide a snack and water or juice for testing days.  Students may bring additional snacks or water with them but these must remain in a designated space outside of the testing area.

  • Students may not bring backpacks or any additional items with them to the testing space.

Additional information-

  • Please make sure your child brings their Chromebook fully charged for their M-Step testing dates.  
  • Every student needs wired headphones (non-wireless).  If your child has a pair, please ask they bring these to the testing sessions.  If they do not have headphones, the school will provide them.  Thank you for your help.

We hope to encourage a positive testing experience for all of our Columbia Central students.  Please take care and let me know if you have any questions.