As a result of Michigan legislation, testing out of high school courses is an option for students at Columbia Central Sr. High School. Pursuing this option affords the students an opportunity to gain credit for a specific course to allow them to enhance and expand their educational opportunities by accelerating their academic program. Credit is earned by achieving an 80% or above on the final end-of-course assessment or by demonstrating mastery through the basic assessment process utilized in the course, which may consist of a portfolio, project, paper, examination or presentations, or other appropriate measurements of competency. Students will receive a “P” on their transcript and will receive credit toward their graduation requirements, however, test out credits are not recognized by some colleges/universities. Contact specific colleges/universities directly if you have questions.

Students will have only one chance to test out of each course. Credits earned through “testing out” will not be calculated in the student’s GPA. Once credit is earned in a subject area, a student may not receive further credit for a lower sequence course in the same subject area. Results will be mailed to parents within two weeks of the completion of all portions of the test.

Students may wish to log onto http://www.michigan.gov/mde/0,1607,7-140-38924---,00.html and scroll down to the curriculum area to learn more about the courses and what will be assessed on the test out exam.

Testing out applications will be available in the high school office and on the school website beginning the first week of May. Exams will be given during the second week of August. Students will be contacted with exact dates and times.