Meal Information

Free and Reduced Lunch Application is now open to download under documents- food service for the 2020-2021 school year. 


Columbia School District has implemented electronic cash registers called "Meal Magic" in all of our cafeterias. This new system allows us to set up debit accounts for each student.Parents/Guardians can then send a check to the school for their student’s lunch needs. Meal Magic will then track the amount spent by the student from each day’s meal auto-magically using the student’s name or ID number! We will have a record of all of your deposits and how the money is spent.

Note: If you have more than one student in the district, you can send one check for deposit. Make sure that all the student names and amounts that each account is to receive are included on the check.

Sendmoneytoschool.com and lunchapp.com are ready. To use sendmoneytoschool.com you will need your student's ID number which you can get from the office or by calling Lindsay at (517) 769-8708. If you want to fill out an application for free or reduced lunches, you can go to lunchapp.com or you can still fill out a paper application that you can pick up at the school office.

If you have any questions, please call our Food Service Director, Lindsay Kandell, at (517) 769-8708 or send an email to lindsay.kandell@myeagles.org.

Prices K-2nd3rd-6th7th-12thAdults
BreakfastFreeFree$1.50$2.20+ tax
Lunch$2.65$2.95$2.95$3.75+ tax


The School Food Guidelines are the result of a collaborative effort of the Coordinated School Health Team and District representatives for Columbia School District. The purpose of the School Food Guidelines Mission Statement is to enable schools to provide healthy and nutritious food and beverage choices to students and staff. The venues include but are not limited to vending machines, a la carte sales, food rewards, fundraisers, school stores, school parties, and after-school activities.  Local Wellness Policy

By promoting healthy behaviors we can all help:
• Increase students’ level of alertness and ability to learn
• Reduce absences
• Improve behavior
• Teach lifelong healthy eating habits
• Prevent the premature onset of chronic diseases
• Improve self-image/ self-esteem
• Address the issue of childhood obesity

Nutritional Information on the Menus
F=fat grams
S=mg of sodium

Chocolate milk with 1% fat is included although skim milk and 1% white are also available.