NEOLA provides the Columbia School District with a complete service for developing and updating Board Bylaws & Policies, Administrative Guidelines and Forms, Staff Handbooks and Student Handbooks in both electronic and printed format.
NEOLA retains law firms in each state to provide legal reviews of published information and consult on continuing updates. NEOLA’s staff of retired superintendents provides most of the direct work with client school districts. Each manual reflects a legal review by a major school law firm and development by experienced school administrators.
Columbia School District's NEOLA Manual

Identification Procedure for Specific Learning Disability

The Columbia School District uses a pattern of strengths and weaknesses procedure for the identification of students suspected of meeting the state and federal requirements for programs and services in the area of Specific Learning Disability (SLD). This procedure was developed by the Jackson County ISD for implementation in all local educational agencies and public school academies. For further information follow this link to the JCISD website.