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Chris Lundberg, Transportation Director
Email: Chris.Lundberg@myeagles.org

ZPASS - Transportation Tracking Information


Ken Hanson, Building Operations Director

Email: Ken.Hanson@myeagles.org

BUS ROUTES 2019-2020

Bill Bradley has been Operations/Maintenance Director for the Columbia School District since September 1998. He designs and manages the routes and student assignments within the district, assigns and coordinates field trips, and manages student discipline on the buses. Feel free to contact him with any questions regarding issues of transportation.


  • Please have students waiting at the designated stop when the bus arrives. Drivers are not expected to stop or wait for the students that are not at their designated stop.
  • Please allow a five-minute window both ways of scheduled arrival time at each bus stop.
  • Please have your students dress for the weather conditions
  • Parents are expected to know bus rules for safety and behavior, and support the school in enforcement procedures.
  • Even though a student has had their bus riding privileges suspended, this does not mean the student has been suspended from school. It is the parents responsibility to provide transportation for their student to and from the school they attend.
  • Parents must accept responsibility for student's behavior at the bus stop prior to the arrival of the bus or after delivery. Where a large number of small children congregate at a stop, parents are expected to alternatively share the responsibility of supervision.