District Related Organizations in Columbia School District 

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Educational Foundation

Enhancing Educational Excellence

The Educational Foundation for Columbia Schools, incorporated in 1986, is a nonprofit organization with the expressed purpose of enhancing educational excellence.

The philosophy of the foundation states, “The standard of life and the economic viability of the Columbia School District depend heavily on the quality of our educational system. Our community and schools must combine their local resources and initiative in order to enhance excellence in education.” The Resources of the foundation are not to take the place of state aid or local millage.

This program is necessary because most of the operating budget for Columbia Schools are designated for specific educational purposes.

Often innovative educational programs, up-to-date equipment, and special materials cannot be purchased due to a lack of funds.

The program helps through individual grants the Foundation funds enrichment projects, purchases new equipment, and seeks improvements in the curriculum from elementary through high school.

Foundation resources have been used to fund mini-grant programs for Columbia students, and scholarships for higher education.

Other educational programs and projects judged by the foundation to enhance the educational process of Columbia school students will continue to be funded on an as-needed basis.


Contributions may be made directly to the Foundation in several ways:
Pledges, Stock, Real Estate, Bequests, Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Legacies, & Memorials

An endowment has been established so there will always be funds available to carry out our programs. One individual has already given a sufficient endowment specifically for scholarships. Future endowment donations will be placed in the project fund, unless specifically designated.

Because the Educational Foundation for Columbia Schools is a nonprofit organization, the internal Revenue Service recognizes all contributions as tax deductible.

For additional information, write:
Educational Foundation
For Columbia Schools
P.O. Box 126
Brooklyn, MI 49230

You can also call any of the trustees listed or the Columbia School District offices at 592-6641. Those who wish to make use of the additional advantage of the Michigan Community Foundation Tax Credit may donate to the Columbia Endowment of the Jackson Community Foundation at: 230 W. Michigan Ave., Jackson, MI 49201.