District Reports

The Board of Education annually establishes district-wide goals for school improvement. In addition to the district's goals, school improvement teams at each building develop and implement goals specific to the needs of their students. Renewed efforts to coordinate the curriculum and programs are underway. By determining the desired "Columbia graduate profile" or the essential skills needed to graduate, we are working to develop our instructional opportunities to aid students in achieving those necessary skills.

Annual Reports for the Columbia School District

CSD 2016-17 Annual Report

CSD 2015-16 Annual Report

CSD 2014-15 Annual Report

CSD 2013-14 Annual Report

CSD 2012-13 Annual Report
2012-13 General Fund Budget

CSD 2011-12 Annual Report

CSD 2010-11 Annual Report - ALL Schools Summary
CSD 2010-11 District Level Student Assessment Data

CSD 2009-10 Annual Report - ALL Schools Summary
CSD 2009-10 District Level Student Assessment Data
CSD 2009-10 NAEP Data

District Technology Plan

Columbia School District MEAP Scores*

2011 Fall MEAP Score
2010 Fall MEAP Scores
2009 Fall MEAP Scores

Columbia School District Parent-Community Participation Action Plan (Revised 5/09)

The Columbia School District, in partnership with the community, will provide a safe and positive

learning environment which will prepare all students to contribute and compete in a global society.

The Columbia School District values assistance in the important endeavor of educating the community‚Äôs youth. This vital process will be accomplished with the cooperation of home, school, and community. It is the goal of all stakeholders that students achieve their greatest potential and this can be reached through collaboration and commitment. There are many levels of involvement in the educational process. In the Columbia School District, everyone has a role to play…all roles are significant and can make a difference.

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