Book Fairs

Each school year we have two book fairs. The profits from the first book fair are given to the Library at our school. The second book fair profits are given to the teachers to use towards books in the classroom.

SHOP ONLINE at our Book Fiar

If you are out of town or can't make it to our Book Fair, you can also help support our school by shopping online.

Campbell's Labels for Education

Help get FREE items for the school. For more than 30 years, Labels for Education™ has been awarding free educational equipment to schools in exchange for proofs of purchase from the Campbell family of brands. It’s a fun, easy program where students, families and members of the community work together for a common goal.

With the new collection guidelines, you no longer need to clip the entire label – just the UPC code itself. Simply clip and save UPCs and lids from participating labels for Education Brands and give them to the school. Learn more.


Fun time for all! Each year we have a carnival with the proceeds from this fun event to help in the various areas of the school. Come join the fun!

One area that you can help is with cake donations. We have an awesome cake walk each year at our carnival and would greatly appreciate any baked items for this event. These can be dropped off at the school the day of the carnival or that evening.

Donating Empty Laser and Inkjet Printer Cartridges

FREE and Easy Program! Columbia School District is participating in an exciting program that will help us purchase printer supplies for our school district. In order to help, simply donate your empty laser and inkjet printer cartridges. These cartridges can be from printers, fax machines, and even desktop copiers.

Collection boxes are found at the following locations:

  • Columbia Elementary School Media Center/Library
  • Columbia Upper Elementary Media Center/Library
  • Columbia Central Sr. - Jr. High School Media Center/Library

Popcorn Days

Yummy snack days for students. Once a month volunteers take a cart and visit each classroom. Students are able to purchase popcorn to eat for 25¢. We may need help to distribute the popcorn to the classrooms. If you are interested in volunteering, please call the school.

Secret Santa

This is a great opportunity for children to purchase gifts. In each classroom, the students make a list of the people they would like to buy a gift for. They will also classify them in a particular age group. Now the fun begins. They are able to shop and purchase items for the people on their list. Proceeds from this go to our elementary school to be used in various areas.