Technology Plan

CSD Technology Plan 2012-2015
CSD Technology Plan

Columbia's Technology Vision

Columbia School District is committed to integrating technology into the educational experience to better prepare all members of our learning community to become successful, lifelong learners in our ever changing world.

In our vision for the future, our students will be able to:

  • Use technology-rich learning environments within their classrooms, in learning labs outside the classroom, in the school media center, or from home when needed.
  • Use computer-based software lessons that integrate the computer into the instructional program.
  • Use multi-media learning environments integrated within and across all curriculum areas.

In our vision for the future, our teachers and instructional staff will use technology to:

  • Present an instructional program that integrates technology, as appropriate, throughout the curriculum.
  • Access resources outside the district that will support the instructional program.
  • Communicate and collaborate with colleagues inside and outside the district.